paperSpace Recovery

Store your files with us and free up valuable office space. For files you need to keep but don’t need immediate access to, offsite storage is the smart option. Why take up valuable square footage with boxes or file cabinets of dormant files that must be kept for compliance but aren’t needed for daily reference?

Move files to our 40,000 square foot facility and let us take them off your hands at a fraction of the cost of storing them yourself, enabling you to use your office space for its true purpose: The everyday needs of your business.

The Bulldog Difference: Unlike other document management companies, we have no minimum storage requirement. Even if you only need us to hold a box or two of sensitive documents.


thiefRisk Reduction

Securely stored files reduce your company’s liability and risk. You may think that your onsite documents are being stored and destroyed securely. But how certain are you? How many people have access to your locked files? If your building had a fire or flood, would your documents be protected — and what is your recovery process? What is your company’s protocol for destroying documents? Where are documents scheduled for destruction stored? Can your shredder handle the volume necessary? When you transfer your document storage and destruction needs to Bulldog, each of these questions has a simple answer: We take care of it for you. We understand the risks and can manage them effortlessly.

The Bulldog Difference: We are well-educated on the various compliance rules for every industry we serve — we will make sure that whatever your industry, you are always in compliance, and most importantly we will make it easy for you and all of your employees to be compliant.



Review your records and data at our facility or your own. At Bulldog, we are flexible about everything — except customer service. We completely tailor each customer’s solution to their specific needs.

Whether you need a one-time purge, weekly pickups, temporary or decades-long storage, we can seamlessly arrange the right program for you. Because we don’t outsource any of our services, we maintain total control over all of them — enabling us to quickly, efficiently and securely change any of our services to meet your changing needs.

When you transition to Bulldog, you’ll have the opportunity to review your files in our secure document room, free of charge. When you need access to your files, they’ll be available to you for viewing either at our facility or your own. When you need documents picked up for storage or destruction, we’ll arrange a time at your convenience.



Service you can count on – from excellent customer service to fair billing practices, Bulldog prides itself on total reliability. When you call us you will never be connected to a remote call center, and you will never find yourself talking to voice mail, even after hours — all calls to Bulldog are answered by a real, local person.

You’ll have a dedicated customer care coordinator who will help you with your records management needs, and you’ll have a dedicated customer care technician who will visit your workplace to make pickups of documents to be stored or destroyed.

Our billing processes are just as straightforward. You will never find yourself guessing what your costs will be this month, and you’ll never find yourself wondering what that extra mystery charge is for. We have no administration fees, no minimum fees, no fuel surcharges — no hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

The Bulldog Difference: We do not outsource any of our services: From document collection to shredding to customer care to billing, we do absolutely everything in house.