Every business creates confidential information, and every industry has its own compliance regulations. Regulatory requirements: HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm Leach Bliley, Sarbanes Oxley – are becoming more rigorous across almost every industry, and Bulldog will make sure you meet them. The bottom line: Whatever your business, we can securely and safely store, manage and destroy your documents.

–Financial Services: For banks, accounting firms, investment management companies and other financial services institutions, secure document management and destruction is absolutely essential. Your clients’ most sensitive information is contained in those files, and improper disposition could leave them vulnerable to identity theft and your company open to legal action. Bulldog can ensure that your records are kept safe, secure and completely locked down for as long as you are required to maintain them. And when you are ready to dispose of them, we’ll make sure they’re totally obliterated.

–Healthcare: Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies must comply with the strict privacy requirements of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All patient information must be kept completely confidential, even when it is disposed of — and failure to meet this standard can result in hefty fines. Bulldog will keep all of your patient accounts, medical histories, charts, x-rays and other medical records under strict lockdown. We can schedule regular shredding and total document destruction that will keep you in total compliance with the law and will keep your patients’ privacy completely protected.

–Legal Services: The sheer volume of documentation produced by law firms can be awe inspiring. Maintaining a well-organized file system is crucial for every firm; you need an efficient, effective method for storing and organizing the amount of paperwork your firm generates. And of course it is absolutely vital that those files, which contain sensitive, confidential and proprietary information about your firm and its clients, remain completely and totally secure. Legal records management requires understanding the industry’s many rules, regulations and best practices — and Bulldog does.

–General Business: Perhaps your business is growing faster than your space, creating records that you have no place to store. Or maybe you simply don’t have the manpower to deal with all of the documentation you produce. Regardless of your industry, whether you are a small entrepreneur or a large corporation, Bulldog can help you create a document management program that will suit your needs and keep your confidential records protected.

 –Individuals: Document storage is not just for corporations — individuals and families produce plenty of sensitive paperwork too, from tax returns and bank statements to health . And chances are you have even less space for storage in your home than in the average office. Since Bulldog has no minimum storage amount, we offer the perfect solution for individuals who want their records kept safely and confidentially.

Other industries serviced include: Automotive & Engineering Firms, Automotive Dealerships, Manufacturers, Real Estate, Title & Mortgage Companies, Schools, Churches, Dental Offices, Construction Companies & Builders, Insurance Companies, Senior Care Facilities, Associations